Jun 24, 2022

Church Administrator

£21,000 - £23,000 yearly
  • Northgate Church
  • Chester, UK
Permanent Administration Charity Church/Ministry

Job Description

To provide a friendly, excellent, and efficient administrative support for:

·         The Leadership Team

·         The Trustees

·         The Ministry Teams

·         Northgate Church family

·         Hires and outside groups using Northgate Church buildings (including the Lorne Street House).

·         The ongoing upkeep of the Northgate Church building


1.      Responsible for the effective and efficient management of the church office as the first point of call for all enquiries from both church members and the wider community

2.      Organising, promoting and overseeing the administrative aspects of church meetings and events

3.      Oversight of church membership (current and new), to include data entry, first follow-up contacts, and new member letters

4.      Design, compilation and production of information material including weekly church communication, posters, leaflets and welcome packs

5.      Maintaining church database using church suite

6.      Maintaining and ordering office and church supplies

7.      Training and continued development of volunteer teams to support church gatherings, events and services

8.      Provide administration support to ministry teams as required

9.      Compilation and management of rotas for some serving teams/volunteers

10.  Managing church calendar and buildings diary

11.  Regular reporting to Leadership Team and Trustees


Church Buildings Management

1.      To be responsible for the hiring of buildings to internal and external bodies

2.      To be responsible for organising the day-to-day care, maintenance, cleaning, and use of the church buildings

3.      Responsible for the supervision and support of cleaning and caretaking staff

4.      To liaise with necessary persons re any maintenance issues and equipment maintenance and external contractors

5.      Lorne Street:

·         Responsible for recruitment and management of tenants in 10 Lorne Street

·         To be the point of contact for all tenants

·         Responsible for overseeing any maintenance and refurbishment of the house



Health and Safety

1.      Assisting the Trustees in ensuring the Trust is legally compliant by managing the Trust’s policies and procedures for insurance liabilities and cover.  This will include organising regular risk assessments, fire inspections, evacuation procedure and shut down in case of emergency, first aid and food hygiene.

2.      Reporting to the H&S Officer in all aspects of Health & Safety including risk assessments, fire safety, first aid, food hygiene.

3.      Ensuring the Trust is up to date with GDPR/Data Protection; Safeguarding & DBS checks; Monitoring music licensing and song reporting.



1.      Processing cash and card transactions and weekly banking

2.      Maintaining, monitoring and reviewing budgets and spending on office support and related services and the day-to-day operation and maintenance of Trust buildings

3.      Some basic weekly bookkeeping function and reporting to Treasurer

4.      Paying and filing invoices.

5.      Assisting the Treasurer with some of the restricted funds.

6.      Assisting the Treasurer with the management of utility contracts for the church buildings and the house

7.      Administering the Lorne Street House Tenancies.

The salary indicated £21k - £23k is is based on experience.  The rate is based on 35 hours a week whereas the position being advertised is 25 - 28 hours per week.

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