Jul 10, 2024

Church Minister

£23,000 - £25,000 yearly
  • Jesus Revelation Ministries
  • Northampton, UK
Full time Church/Ministry

Job Description

Jesus Revelation Ministries UK is a church of Jesus Christ based in the United Kingdom.

We're thrilled to announce an available position for a Minister of the gospel. We seek an individual who's enthusiastic about sharing God's word, has a passion for ministry, and has excellent communication and leadership abilities. The Minister must be someone who shares our values and position of the church on doctrinal matters.

Our doctrinal position:

·         The whole bible talks about Jesus Christ.

·         Jesus Christ is God who came in the flesh.

·         The doctrine of predestination. There is no freewill, those who are to be saved have been predestined to salvation before the world was created.

·         Noone can choose God; it is God who chooses us.

·         We are saved by grace and not by our own works.

·         The law of Moses ended on the cross.

Main Duties:

•      Overseeing the church's spiritual growth and development.

•      Preparing and leading sermons to the congregation.

•      Conducting and assisting in planning and worship services, prayer meetings, and other church gatherings.

•      Conducting baptisms.

•      Counselling for members of the congregation, providing guidance and support in times of need.

•      Help in the organisation and implementation of outreach programmes.

•      Giving guidance to church administrators in their day-to-day administration.

Job Description

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