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Bored of your job? You have two choices…

Bored of your job? You have two choices…

If you’re feeling bored at work and can see no escape, there are two main courses of action you can take. You can either go all in, or go all out!


The all-in approach

The attitude you take can make a big difference to your boredom levels. Ultimately, being bored is a choice, even if it doesn’t feel like it. Try to work out why you’re feeling bored and disengaged. Are you fed up of doing the same daily tasks or of an annoying colleague? Does you workspace make you feel listless? Are you constantly stuck in meetings with nothing to say or no opportunity to speak? What has changed from when you first started in the role when, presumably, you were more engaged?


Once you’ve worked out what the key problem areas are, you can start to work on making some changes. Perhaps the mood is really low in your workplace and it’s getting you down. Maybe you could organise a social event or take some cakes in. Sometimes really simple things can make a big difference. Maybe you feel like you have no voice and are frustrated with doing things the same old way when you can see a better alternative. If so, having a quiet word with your boss could change your situation and even your company’s history.


Maybe you’re stuck in a rut. You arrive at the same time every day, do the same jobs in the same order, eat the same lunch and leave as soon as you can. Why not mix things up a bit? Take a walk at lunchtime or invite a colleague out for coffee. Jazz up your workspace or ask to work flexible hours. Book a holiday. Carry out tasks in a different order, or look for new ways to complete them.


If you don’t have enough to do, ask someone if you can lighten their load. Not only will you have something to do, but they will be eternally grateful! You will most likely find that your newly inspired attitude rubs off on those around you. Suddenly, your work is more interesting and your colleagues are in a happier place.


All-out approach

You’ve done everything you could, but you’re still thoroughly bored. Maybe you no longer agree with the way your company does business or treats its staff, or you’re bored of following the set criteria day in, day out, with no prospect of change or promotion. Perhaps you feel like you have a lot more to give but no one’s interested. If so, a change of scene may be the best option. If you don’t leave now, your deep dissatisfaction at work may begin to take its toll on your health or relationships.


If you’ve decided to move on, start thinking about what would really inspire and excite you. Think big and don’t rule anything out. What are you passionate about? What would get you out of bed in the mornings and keep you engaged until clocking-off time? It might be as simple as applying for a similar role at a more innovative firm. Alternatively, you might decide to retrain and do something completely new and adventurous. Whatever you do, research your ‘dream’ role carefully and at least start applying before you hand in your notice. It’s all well and good looking for something more exciting, but don’t bite the hand that feeds you in the meantime!