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Dealing with redundancy: the dos and don’ts

Dealing with redundancy: the dos and don’ts

Being made redundant can be an upsetting experience, but being prepared can help to soften the blow. Here are some tips and advice to help you get through redundancy and take the next step in your career.

First things first 

There are some important things to do and information to collect from your employer before you your job comes to an end: 

  • Collect your P45
  • Ask your HR department to give you written details of your redundancy payment and package
  • Ask your line manager for a written job reference
  • Make sure you have the relevant contact details for your trade union representative, human resources department, pension fund trustees and any other benefit providers such as health insurance companies 

Post-redundancy life support

Redundancy can come as a nasty shock. But however unwelcome it may be, redundancy doesn’t have to be a completely negative experience. Many people use it as an opportunity for positive change in their lives and careers. The most important thing is to ensure that you react to your situation in the most positive way possible, and part of this process is to ensure that you do certain things and don’t do others! 


  • Stay positive and see redundancy as an opportunity for change
  • Invite God into your job situation. You don’t get many guides suggesting this, but he has a plan and a purpose, even if you can’t see it at the moment
  • Focus on moving on rather than looking back
  • Take some time out to take stock of your situation and look at your options
  • Get advice from professional advisers
  • Consult your friends, family and your wider network. This could lead to your next job
  • If you get a redundancy payoff, try to invest it wisely in something that will help you in your next career move, such as training or starting up a new business 


  • Take it personally. In reality, the job has been made redundant, not you. That said, if you feel you have a claim for unfair dismissal, see part two for advice on what to do next
  • Think that God has abandoned you! This is your chance to experience the power of prayer, but also to listen to his voice and hear what he wants you to learn from this experience, such as to deepen your levels of faith and trust
  • Get too down about yourself. Many people face redundancy at some point
  • Panic or make knee jerk decisions