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Finding Your Career Calling Through Faith

Finding Your Career Calling Through Faith

As Christian job hunters in the UK, we may feel obliged to seek not just any job, but one that aligns with God's purpose for our lives. Understanding our calling in our work is essential for finding fulfilment and meaning in our careers and lives. However, it is not always easy to know or understand what your purpose may be, to see the signs, or to read them in the right way. In this article, we'll explore how to incorporate and align God's plan and your faith with your career.


Firstly, consider your strengths and passions 

The first place to start is to consider how the skills, talents, and gifts that you were born with may be used to discover your calling. From your first day on Earth, God has bestowed these gifts on you, so take time to contemplate why this may be.

Consider the activities that bring you joy, energise you, and align with your values, and reflect on past experiences where you felt fulfilled and accomplished as these can provide clues to your God-given purpose. Perhaps growing up you can recognise many times when you have felt great empathy towards others - perhaps towards people you hardly know. This lifelong empathy and kindness may be a clear sign that you have been given gifts to help and assist others, and should consider a career of servitude to others or your community. Find what interests and energises you, and follow this lead.


Secondly, pray for a sign and opportunities 

Prayer is a powerful tool for discerning God's plan for your life. Once you have determined what makes you feel fulfilled or energised, take the time to pray to seek further guidance and wisdom. Speak to God about your thoughts and values, and ask God to reveal the purpose for your life and career. Ask Him too to open doors of opportunity that align with this. 

Remember, however, to trust in His timing. Even if you ask for signs or new opportunities, it may take time for these to appear. Be patient, and remember it is all part of God’s plan for you.


Continue to incorporate your faith and values into everyday life

Whether your prayers have been answered yet, or you continue to pray for new opportunities, remember to keep incorporating your faith into your daily life. Regardless of your industry or profession, continue integrating your faith into your work life as best you can. Be a light in the workplace by demonstrating kindness, integrity, and compassion in all that you do. Champion ways to share your morals and values with colleagues and clients, and seek opportunities to pray for and encourage others in their careers.


Reflect on where God has led you to this point

Remember, while you are considering God’s plan at work in your career, it is important to reflect and remember it is He who has guided you to this point. Find solace and inspiration in the fact God’s plan for you is already unfolding, both personally and professionally. Be sure to remain grateful, thankful, and aware of all you have achieved already.


Remain faithful and trusting 

Remain open to God's lead and direction as you navigate your career journey. Stay attuned through prayer, scripture, and wise counsel, and be willing to follow wherever God leads. The only way to understand his signs is to be open to them. Be brave and courageous in your faith, and remember whatever happens, he is always guiding you along His perfect plan for your life.


Discovering God's plan for your work life is a journey, filled with openness, prayer, and strength. God will show you your unique career calling, and if he has not yet, then it is because you are on a journey to it. Find fulfilment and meaning in the work you currently do, and be thankful for all that you have attained up to this point. Be empowered and remain strong, and continue to align your faith with your career and daily work life. If you have not found your career calling, you will, but remain patient as you live as part of a perfect plan.