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God’s great plan for your life

God’s great plan for your life

Some people seem to know what they’re called to do from the very beginning. My brother, for example, knew he was destined to become a solicitor, and a solicitor he became. But there are other people, myself being one, who struggle to discover their life’s calling.

Our calling could be to become an accountant, a nurse or to work with disadvantaged teenagers. Whatever we’re called to, when we discover the career or calling that suits every part of who we are, we will have a sense of peace. When we work according to our God-given abilities and personalities we will inevitably work according to the design that God set for our lives.


If you don’t have the correct qualifications for the job, this could mean a return to college. Make sure you’re being realistic about your goals and ask yourself whether you will be able to get the grades you need. 

Relevant experience

Assess what you’ve done in the past. Can you gain relevant experience through a sideways move at work or by doing voluntary work? Not only will relevant experience help you into a job, but it will also help confirm your ability in this area. 

Known ability

It’s essential that you know what you’re good at doing. If you don’t, do an  online assessment, ask close friends and family, and review your past successes. God will only call you to something that matches either your present or potential skillset. For example, if you cannot impart knowledge then teaching is probably not for you. 

Personality fit

If you’re a square peg, don’t force yourself into a round hole. If you’re a creative type, you’ll find work in a procedure-bound nuclear power station frustrating.

Heart’s desire

You know those deep desires in your heart? Well, they were put there by God. Spend some quality time getting in touch with these desires, and then pursue them!

Prophetic confirmation

Prophetic encouragement is extremely valuable because it will encourage and confirm your calling. It will never contradict scripture and it will never contradict the above factors in your calling, so listen carefully and weigh up what you hear.

Confirmation from others

The Bible recommends that we seek the counsel of others. However, be wise about who you ask, and make sure they have your best interests at heart. Ask for genuine feedback on your suitability for a certain career or role rather than platitudes.