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How to increase your chances of getting hired

How to increase your chances of getting hired

If you’ve been frantically applying for jobs but not getting anywhere, it’s time to take a step back and think about how you can make your job search more successful. Whatever you do, don’t give up or let your frustration boil over. The right job is out there somewhere, so make sure you give it your best shot.


Don’t look for perfection

There’s no such thing as a perfect job, so don’t rule out adverts because of minor perceived flaws. If you’re offered the job, some of the terms may even be up for negotiation. Work out what sort of role you really want and are qualified to do. What does job satisfaction look like to you? Are you more interested in bonuses or work-life balance? Write a list of essential and desired qualities and approach your job search from that starting point.


Be committed

You may simply be firing off a stock CV to anyone offering employment, but that’s not a good way to find a job. You may even be wasting your time and prospective employers’ time, which will do you no favours. Quality is more important that quantity when it comes to looking for a job. Pick a handful of roles that really appeal to you and spend time tailoring your CV and cover letter to those specific jobs and companies. Research the organisation well before you attend any interviews. In every aspect of your search, it’s important that you demonstrate your suitability for the position and your commitment to the organisation.


Get networking

If the traditional job search methods aren’t working out, look for other opportunities. There may be good networking events you can attend in person. Alternatively, websites like LinkedIn can offer decent networking opportunities that may give you a foot in the door where you wouldn’t normally be able to venture. Make sure everything you post on social media is relevant, appropriate, professional and interesting, taking care in the same way you would at a face-to-face networking event.


Pick yourself up

Maybe you didn’t get the job you really wanted, or you’ve had a string of rejections. It’s ok to feel frustrated, but don’t let this scupper your job search. Give yourself a bit of time to recover, but don’t dwell on rejections. Get feedback if you can and work on areas where you can improve. Keep applying and you will soon be an expert in all aspects of the application and interview process. If you give up, you’ll never get your ‘dream job’, or in fact any job, so keep plugging away.


Consider temporary opportunities

We all have bills to pay, and if you’ve been out of work for a while you may be getting desperate. Don’t rule out temporary employment, which might help to meet your immediate needs and could potentially turn into a longer-term role. If money isn’t critical, it may be worth taking on some voluntary work. This is a great way to meet new people (informal networking for free!), learn new skills and bolster your CV. It might even help you decide what you’re really looking for (or aren’t looking for) in a job.