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How to sell yourself with a brand new CV

How to sell yourself with a brand new CV

Creating a winning CV is easy… right? Well, if you’ve experienced number of rejections, one possible explanation could be that you’re not ‘selling yourself’ effectively on your CV.

When you’re in the job market it’s good to view yourself as a shop, with the task of luring people (ie an employer) in and encouraging them to buy something (ie your skills and experience). If you have an attractive shopfront you stand a good chance of achieving a ‘sale’.

Your CV works as the perfect shopfront from which you can sell yourself to an employer and get them into your shop so they can offer you the job. The trouble is that we often forget to lift the shutters to our shopfronts, preventing people from checking out what’s on offer!

Check out this infographic from, which will change the way you write your CV forever!