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I’ve been offered two jobs, which should I take?

I’ve been offered two jobs, which should I take?

Some would consider it enviable to be in the position where you’ve been offered two jobs and are trying to decide which to take, but it can be a really difficult decision to make. Perhaps you’ve been to two interviews and aced both, or maybe your current employer has given you a counter offer to a prospective new job. Whatever the circumstances, it’s worth taking time out to really consider your options.


First of all, congratulate yourself on being offered both jobs. It’s a great position to be in!


Second, buy some time. You’re well within your rights to ask for 48 hours to consider the job offer. You may even be in a position where you’ve been offered one job but haven’t heard back from your preferred employer. Be as honest as you can without showing all your cards. Ask your prospective employers to send through a contract for you to look over. This should give you a bit of breathing space.


Third, weigh up the pros and cons. Which role are you best suited to? Which is more convenient? Which firm gave you a better impression on interview day? Are you more concerned about salary or progression? Which offers you the chance to travel or to use a particular skill? Which company is more stable? Which would fit around your family and church life most easily? Which would be less pressured?


Fourth, make sure you have a firm offer before accepting either role. If your preferred employer is dragging his or her heels, it may be worth notifying them that you’ve been offered a different job to set the wheels in motion.


Fifth, if you’ve been offered two jobs, there may be room for negotiation. You may wish to approach your preferred employer and ask them to match certain terms of employment, for example salary or holiday allocation. If they really want you on board they may be willing to amend their offer, but if not you’ll need to weigh up how important these details are before deciding which role to accept. Again, make sure you have firm offers in hand before negotiating or you may end up losing both opportunities!


Sixth, pray about it! Which direction is God taking you in? Make sure you have your priorities right as God may have a particular calling on your life. You may need to sacrifice a high salary or certain opportunities to pursue the right path. Knowing that you’re where God wants you to be is the most important thing, so keep your eyes fixed on him. He might even prompt you to turn both jobs down and go in a totally different direction!


Finally, when you’ve made your decision, let both employers know as soon as possible. It’s easy to accept the best offer and forget to let the other company know, but it’s courteous to inform them right away. Thank them for the opportunity and turn the offer down gently so you don’t burn any bridges.