Staying Productive in the Modern World

Staying Productive in the Modern World

As the digital age advances and more people strive to work from home with the rising cost of living, it can be challenging to maintain productivity in our personal and professional lives. We live with so many distractions around us, most of which (phones, laptops etc.!) are so easily accessible. In this article, we consider our favourite practical tips on how to stay productive at home and in the office, whilst maintaining a spiritually enriching working environment.


Create a dedicated workspace

If you are working from home, establish a specific area that is designated specifically for work. This helps to mentally separate work from personal life. Ensure this space is well-lit, preferably with natural light, and free from distractions (no phones or gaming equipment!). Equipping your workspace with necessary supplies and ergonomic furniture can also boost productivity and help maintain concentration and sustainable work output.


Infuse spirituality into this space

Consider including inspirational items in your workspace such as Bible verses, religious icons, or items from nature that remind you of God’s creation. These elements can provide comfort and remind you to take moments for prayer and reflection throughout the day, seamlessly integrating your faith into your daily work routine.


Maintain regular, consistent hours

Set specific work hours to establish a routine and boundaries. Start your day with prayer or devotional time to centre yourself spiritually. Scheduling regular breaks, including time for short walks, lunch, or scripture reading, can also rejuvenate your mind and body, keeping you more focused during work periods and accountable about your productivity.


Use technology wisely

Leverage technology to keep track of tasks and manage your time effectively. Tools like digital calendars, reminder apps, and task management software can help keep you organised and productive. Be mindful of screen time and ensure to step away from your desk regularly to rest your eyes and mind.


Limit interruptions

Inform family members or housemates of your work schedule to minimise interruptions. Use noise-cancelling headphones if external noise is a distraction. Apps that block social media during work hours can also prevent you from straying off task during your work day.


Set clear goals

Start each day by setting specific, achievable goals. Writing down what you need to accomplish to help give you a clear direction. At the end of the day, review your accomplishments and reflect on areas for improvement, offering these up in prayer as you seek guidance for the next day.


Regular check-ins

Some people find deadlines to be best for their productivity. Therefore, stay connected with colleagues and schedule regular check-ins and virtual meetings. Use these as professional deadlines to complete work by, and as a way to stay informed and engaged with your team, especially if your work tasks require you to work individually. Participating in online networking events or professional groups can also help you feel connected and supported in your industry and your organisation.


Adapting to work from home, and the presence of technology everywhere around us, presents unique challenges and distractions. However, it provides far more opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. Therefore, be aware of your blessings and be grateful for the work you do, and use these tips to create and thrive in an environment that fosters both personal and career success and workplace productivity.