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The 12 days of Christmas job search (part 2)

The 12 days of Christmas job search (part 2)

This famous Christmas song has a cumulative effect, and your job search should follow suit. The following will probably make more sense if you check part one out before you read on. Once you have, it’s time to get going with day seven of your Christmas job search.

7. On the seventh day of Christmas my job search gave to me (seven swans a swimming). “What could swans possibly have to do with job searching?” I hear you cry. Well, good question. Let’s start with a fun fact. Did you know that a male swan is called a ‘cob’ (used to build walls), while a female swan is called a ‘pen’. So use your pen (or device) to build your porfolio on day seven. Write down all the companies you’ve worked for and gather together any special accolades. Have you designed something special? Won an award? Had something published? Include any relevant information in your portfolio.

8. On the eighth day of Christmas my job search gave to me (eight maids a milking). Providing you’re not lactose intolerant, milk offers a good form of protein and calcium. It literally brings strength to your bones. By now, you’re probably fed up of all things job-related. Give yourself a day off and do something relaxing/energising. Don’t get used to it though, because we’ll be right back on it tomorrow!

9. On the ninth day of Christmas my job search gave to me (nine drummers drumming). Drums are used to bang out a steady beat. They’re regular and persistent. That’s exactly what you need to be in your quest for wonderful work. Write out a plan for the next month of job searching. Hopefully it won’t take a full month, but at least then you’ll have set aside dedicated time to look for your next position. Try to do a little bit every day. Slow and steady wins the job search!

10. On the tenth day of Christmas my job search gave to me (ten pipers piping). It’s time to start piping up! Get active on social media. Post up industry relevant, thought-provoking posts that will be of interest to prospective employers. Add people who you would like to follow you back. If you don’t already have one, set up a LinkedIn page that lists your skills and experience. Ask friends and family to endorse you. You may even want to set up a dedicated Facebook page or blog to get your message out there.

11. On the eleventh day of Christmas my job search gave to me (eleven ladies dancing). Dancing is all about coordination. Make sure your job search is well organised. Keep a file of applications sent, closing dates and interview requests. Get applications in on time, and if you’re not successful, try to find out why. Keep the momentum going as best you can and stick some music on to inspire you if you feel like missing out the next step.

12. On the twelfth day of Christmas my job search gave to me (twelve lords a leaping). We’d love for your leaping at this point to be a celebration of a new job well found. While that’s a possibility, we all know that the application process can be long and drawn out. So, in the meantime, let’s take a leap in the dark. Apply for something you wouldn’t normally apply for, or contact a target employer directly. Confidently explain what sets you apart from candidates with a similar skill set. Be brave! And don’t forget to have a little fun mid-leap.


Merry Christmas from everyone at Premier Job search!