The Ten Best Skills to Reference in Your CV

The Ten Best Skills to Reference in Your CV

Your CV serves as your personal marketing tool, showcasing your skills, experience, and qualifications to potential employers. In an increasingly competitive job market, it's important to highlight desirable skills that demonstrate your potential value as a candidate, quickly and effectively to a hiring manager reading your CV for the first time. As Christians, we also want to be able to let our faith and morals shine through in our CV and work ethic too. In this article, we will explore ten of the most employable skills to reference in your CV, and how you can incorporate your Christian values into them.



Clear and effective communication is crucial in any workplace, job role, and industry. Highlight your ability, with examples where possible, to articulate ideas clearly, listen attentively, and communicate collaboratively with colleagues. Effective communication lies at the heart of Christian values and in daily working lives. Whether it's written communication for emails and reports or verbal communication for pitches, presentations, and meetings, employers value candidates who can communicate effectively with clarity and professionalism.



Proven leadership experience is highly sought after in today's job market. With this in mind, showcase your ability to effectively lead teams, delegate tasks, and motivate others towards common goals. Strong leadership, rooted in humility and service, is a cornerstone of Christian ethos and is equally valued and respected by employers alike. If you have formal leadership experience or can demonstrate leadership qualities through initiative and problem-solving, emphasising your skills in this regard can help set you apart as a capable and confident candidate.



Employers value candidates who can think critically and solve problems, particularly in a dynamic work environment. Reference your ability to analyse situations, identify challenges, and develop actionable solutions. Whether it's troubleshooting technical issues, resolving conflicts, or streamlining processes, demonstrating your problem-solving skills can demonstrate your ability to both overcome workplace obstacles and add real value to the organisation. In the face of work-life challenges, our Christian faith-based resilience enables us all to better navigate obstacles with hope, perseverance, and guidance.



In today's fast-paced work environment, adaptability and flexibility are essential traits, actively sought by employers. Showcase your ability to adapt to change, navigate uncertainty, and thrive in the dynamic situations a workday may bring. Learning new technologies, adjusting to shifting client priorities, or working in diverse teams - employers value candidates who can adapt quickly and embrace change with resilience. A strong Christian belief helps foster the capacity to rely on God's strength and guidance to better navigate uncertainty and embrace opportunities for growth and development.


Time Management 

Strong time management and organisational skills are critical for success in any role. Be sure to clearly demonstrate your commitment to stewarding time wisely and honouring God with diligence and excellence in your work. Highlight this ability to prioritise tasks, meet deadlines, and manage multiple projects simultaneously. Whether it's using productivity tools, implementing efficient workflows, or delegating tasks effectively, demonstrating your time management and organisational skills can show employers that you're reliable and capable of handling the demands a job can bring.


Technical Skills

As technical skills become increasingly important across various industries, it’s increasingly critical to highlight your proficiency in relevant workplace software, programming languages, or technical tools related to the field you’re applying for. It could be proficiency in Microsoft Office or graphic design software - make sure to showcase your technical skills can demonstrate your ability to leverage technology to achieve results and add value.



Employers value candidates who can work effectively in teams and synergistically collaborate with colleagues from a diverse range of backgrounds. Collaboration and teamwork are essential for building harmonious and productive work environments. Highlight your ability to work collaboratively with colleagues, respecting diverse perspectives, and fostering a spirit of unity and cooperation in line with Christian values. Whether it's participating in brainstorming sessions, offering constructive feedback, or fostering a positive team environment, demonstrating your teamwork and collaboration skills can show employers that you're a valuable team player.


Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence, characterised by self-awareness, empathy, and emotional regulation, is essential for building meaningful relationships and fostering a positive work environment. Highlight your ability to understand and manage emotions, both your own and others, with empathy and compassion. Whether it's resolving conflicts diplomatically, providing support to colleagues in distress, or navigating interpersonal dynamics with grace and understanding, emphasise your capacity to cultivate emotional intelligence and promote a culture of empathy and respect in the workplace.



Innovation and creativity, inspired by faith and guided by God's wisdom, enable us to approach workplace challenges with fresh perspectives and effective solutions. Highlight your ability to think innovatively and envision new possibilities. If you are proposing new ideas, finding thoughtful solutions to problems, or thinking outside the box to drive positive change, emphasise your capacity to rely on God's inspiration and guidance to innovate and create impact in your work.



Compassion is integral to Christian values, guiding our interactions with others with kindness, understanding, and empathy. Highlight your capacity to empathise with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders, demonstrating sensitivity to their needs, concerns, and experiences. If it's offering support to a colleague in need, listening attentively to a client's concerns, or showing kindness and compassion in all interactions, emphasise your ability to embody Christ's love and compassion in the workplace.


As a Christian in today's competitive job market, it's essential to craft a compelling CV that showcases your skills and qualifications to a prospective employer. By clearly highlighting these ten essential skills discussed in this article and using your faith to enrich your skillset, you can demonstrate to potential employers that you're a capable, adaptable, and valuable candidate. Whether it's communication skills, empathy, or leadership proficiency, emphasising the right skills on your CV can help you stand out and secure workplace opportunities that align with your career goals.