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Where is God in my job search?

Where is God in my job search?

Perhaps you’ve been looking for a job for months or even years and are starting to despair. You’ve prayed about it and just can’t seem to get an answer from God. But whether or not he has given you a giant nudge in the right direction or not, rest assured that he is with you in your job search.

God values work

God himself created work. He spent time making the universe and everything in it, and he gave Adam the responsibility to tend the land. The Bible is full of different career paths, from tent maker, carpenter and shepherd to judge, prophet and apostle. It also says that if we do not work, we should not eat (2 Thessalonians 3:10). That’s not a judgement on those who are unemployed; you can use this time to serve others in valuable ways outside the workplace. But we are called to work in whatever form that takes.

He gives us the gifts we need to do the job

We all have different skills and abilities; that’s what makes life so interesting. I will never be a world-famous artist, but God has created many who are able to craft beautiful pictures and sculptures. I’m too squeamish to be a medical professional, but God has given many the ability to care for others and deal with illness in an incredible way. Whatever your gifts are, the key is to use them on a daily basis, whether that’s in a formal work setting or not. Ask yourself and God where your strengths lie and where you can use them most effectively. This may help to inform your job search and could lead to a completely new avenue you have never considered before.

How to include God in your job search

The key here is prayer. Talk to God about your ideal job: not just the role you would like but where you would like to work, what sort of organisation you would like to work for, who you see yourself working with and even the salary you are looking for. This may not be exactly where you end up, and God may call you out of your comfort zone to something newer and better. But the more time you spend in prayer the more likely you are to hear and follow his guidance. After all, the best jobs are the ones we are called to.

Don’t give up hope

You may have felt like giving up at times if your job search hasn’t been fruitful, but don’t give up hope. God has a plan and a purpose for your life, and that includes your work life as well as your spiritual life. If you’re struggling to find the right role, perhaps you could retrain, volunteer or do some work experience within your chosen field so that you can gain valuable skills and make valuable contacts, which could eventually lead to paid work. Ask friends, family members, colleagues (current and former) and church members to pray for you and to keep an eye out for suitable job opportunities. Use sites such as LinkedIn to build a profile for yourself and to make valuable links with other people in business.

Give thanks

When you do get offered the job of your dreams, don’t forget to give thanks. God has undoubtedly been with you through the job search, but he isn’t finished with you yet. Thank him for the new role, pray that you will be a blessing within the company you are joining and ask for opportunities to share your faith with your new colleagues.