Derby City Mission

Derby City Mission exists to make disciples of every people group in partnership with the Churches and other agencies by demonstrating God’s love and bringing hope to the City.

DCM History:

DCM was started in 1989 initially working with churches, children and the elderly. In 1995 a debt advice service, "Jubilee", and a foodbank, was established, the first in the country. Jubilee clinics are run by trained advisers at different venues, and have assisted many people when at their most vulnerable. In 2009, Street Pastors were launched to help people partying in Derby on Friday and Saturday nights, and an outreach to street homeless people was started with food and companionship. In 2013, in response to the city council's cuts in funding for hostel beds, Derby Churches Night-shelter was launched to provide a warm welcome, hot meal and a safe place to sleep during the cold winter months for up to 35 homeless people per night in Derby. We also assist guests in finding suitable solutions to their homelessness. In the seven winters it operated, over 1,500 guests stayed with us but in winter 2020/21 the model had to be adjusted because of the Covid pandemic and 90 guests from across Derbyshire stayed in Mount Cook Adventure Centre during the winter months. In March 2019 DCM working in partnership with local and national agencies started a pioneer project called Safe Space, which provides rest and recovery facilities 24/7 for entrenched homeless people with targetted support for tackling health and addiction issues and moving them into suitable accommodation.  In October 2019 we acquired our Community Hub building which has space and tailored facilities for Safe Space and for our Wellness Cafe which will enable us to tackle underlying causes of poverty and homelessness including addictions, mental health issues, broken relationships and low skills. We have a small staff team and an army of around 400 volunteers.

DCM Core Values:


Love is fundamental to the Christian faith. We believe God is love. It is because God loves all humankind that He sent His son to pay the price for sin by dying in our place. Without an attitude of love we can do nothing of lasting value. We demonstrate love through compassion to the needy, respect for individuals, treating all people with equality, generosity, humility in service, being customer-focussed, patient, kind, open and honest in all we do.


This value brings together our replication of Jesus’ unique persistence in investing time, practical, emotional and spiritual effort into the impoverished (both the “needy” impoverished and the apparently better off but spiritually poor). Our investment includes a commitment to learning, willingness to risk, aspiration to excellence, quality of service, innovation, and celebration of success.


Jesus announced His mission as a fulfilment of God’s plan for the release of captives. Carrying on His mission, we not only free people struggling with life, to be who He intends them to be, but also free our volunteers to give in ministries God has called them to. We free Churches and organisations to be their best in partnership with us. We also free up possibilities for the statutory and Government authorities, reaching where they struggle to reach and providing solutions that aim towards sustainable, thriving outcomes.


Jesus promises to all life in all its abundance. We design our ministries to enable progression in life, rather than to create a dependency culture. Our experience is that individuals can and do overcome addiction, relationship difficulties and issues which blight their lives or restrict their potential and come to develop the ability to make healthy choices. We aim to accompany them on their walk from captivity to freedom, and ultimately freedom in Christ.