emerge is a Christian young people’s charity which has been working in the estates and inner-city areas of Bradford for over 25 years. Many young people in our communities struggle to overcome the significant challenges created by financial and social poverty leaving them vulnerable to educational exclusion, poor mental health and exploitation and a future limited by circumstances.

Emerge started through work with local churches in the 1990’s, and we continue to work in partnership with local churches, community groups and statutory agencies. Our vision is to inspire lasting positive change in the lives of young people, aiming towards personal growth, better physical and mental wellbeing, positive engagement in education, to actively transform the communities we live and work within, and to enable young people to explore and grow in faith and spirituality in appropriate ways in our multicultural, multi-faith city. Our Christian heritage is also seen in our values based around compassion which runs throughout our work.

We believe that a relational and holistic approach makes the greatest difference to an individual so we aim to meet young people in multiple settings including open community youth work (sports, social action projects, leadership schemes), schools based work (mainly 1-2-1 interventions aimed at removing social/emotional barriers to learning) and targeted or referral based programmes addressing exploitation and crime with funding from a range of grant making trusts both large and small, the local authority and others.