Tunbridge Wells Christian Fellowship

Prior to the first lockdown in 2020 we were meeting weekly in two locations in Tunbridge Wells, with a full Sunday programme in each venue. The changes brought about by various lockdowns coupled with people moving in & out of the town and church have meant that over the last couple of years we’ve adopted a simpler approach to all that we do.

In this season we very much want to hear and sense what the Holy Spirit is saying to us. This is resulting in us trying new things, including experimenting with a new afternoon service at our TWCF South Site, and new community activities too.

We are an AOG Church (Pentecostal, charismatic). This means that we value encountering God, the word of God, worship, living out the word of God in practice, the equal standing for men and women in ministry and leadership, the gifts of the Spirit in practice today, prayer and mission.

We are members of EA. This means that we are an evangelical church, who view God’s word as having authority today on all matters of faith, life and practice, and we seek to live in God’s leading, authority and inspiration, through his word.

We are a welcoming community, with many different cultures, backgrounds and experiences represented amongst our church family