Holy Trinity Church, Aylesbury
  • United Kingdom

Located near the centre of Aylesbury, you will find that we have a great mix of people of different ages and backgrounds with a broad range of worship styles - you could say that we are a blend of traditional and charismatic evangelical. But together, we are united in our passion to get to know and love the God who made us. We are committed to growing together as followers of Jesus, as well as reaching out to share the love of Jesus with the community around us.

We are an Anglican Church and member of the New Wine Network, with around 250 adults, children & young people as members of the church family. In addition, pre-covid, we welcomed around 100 people from our community – young and old, from all walks of life, some of faith, some of no faith, some inquiring - through our doors to share in our weekly activities. It’s an exciting time as lockdown eases and we begin to gather together again and look to build upon engagement with our digital output.

We want to work with other churches and partners (e.g. Aylesbury, Vale Youth For Christ, Aylesbury Chaplaincy and Aylesbury Foodbank) to serve Aylesbury, and we aim to extend these relationships further as we grasp all the opportunities there are to serve the people of our town as it expands and grows over the next few years.

Encounter Jesus  |  Share his love  |  See lives transformed

Rooted in God, our values reflect our desire to be a biblical, prayerful, worshipping church that is:
Loving  |  Empowering  |  Outgoing  |  Spirit-led

Deeper with God  |  Closer to one another  |  Further out in mission

With this in mind, we are committed as a church to making the development of our Children and Youth ministries a particular focus.

Please take a look at our website and social media channels for a fuller flavour of what life at Holy Trinity Aylesbury looks like: www.htaylesbury.org/    instagram.com/htaylesbury/   facebook.com/htaylesbury    https://www.youtube.com/htaylesbury