Kelso North and Ednam Parish Church

There has been a church at Ednam since the eleventh century and worship according to the practice of the Established Church has continued uninterrupted there ever since. The foundation charter of the Parish of Ednam is the earliest document of its type in existence and is in the library of Durham Cathedral. A framed copy hangs on the west wall of the Church

The Parish of Kelso was for generations centred upon Kelso Abbey, part of which was used as the Parish Church until the latter part of the eighteenth century. The first of three secessions from Parish Church occurred in 1753 and each of them resulted in the creation of a separate congregation with its own meeting place or church. Two of them subsequently merged and over a century later built Trinity Church at the foot of Bowmont Street. The other erected Edenside Church in The Horsemarket. Both Churches were part of the United Presbyterian Church.