Bramhall Baptist Church

Bramhall Baptist Church is an evangelical Baptist church on the edge of suburban Stockport. 

The church was planted in 1856 and the current building dates from 1993. Our last two Pastorates have been for 30 years, and more recently for 4½ years, until the end of 2019 but the calling of a new Minister/Pastor was delayed by the Covid-19 outbreak.

Bramhall Baptist Church grew throughout the 90s and into the 2000s and this growth has given the church a solid core congregation of committed and motivated members with a real heart for moving the church forward. The last few years have presented the church with more of a shifting landscape which, in many ways is mirrored nationally.  Bramhall is quite a transient area and as such people both move in and move on, over recent years we seem to have been on the less positive end of this process. Much more positively though we have seen 8 baptisms of all ages over the last 3 years.  We recognise that our fellowship needs a Minister with the energy and enthusiasm to inject more momentum into our ministry and are hopeful that God has good plans for us moving forward.

We would love to see Bramhall Baptist return to a period of renewed momentum and be re-envisioned for the opportunities that lie ahead. One of our greatest challenges has been uniting the church in a collective vision, that both releases the individual to serve but also provides a sense of unity of purpose for the church family. We’d love to be led with positivity and encouragement, equipped by the Holy Spirit and fed by His Word.

Maybe you are the person that God is calling to lead us and help us do this?