Kathmandu International Study Centre

The Kathmandu International Study Centre is a Christian Education organisation devoted to the work of Christ in Nepal. Our purpose is to demonstrate Christ's love through excellent education. We do this in a number of ways. Our organisation is made up of an international Primary School, and international Secondary School and a teacher training section called EQUIP. We seek to provide workers in Nepal with an excellent education for their children, thus facilitating them coming and working in a range of projects to develop Nepal and a country. In a country for whom mass education is relatively new, we also act as a beacon of the kingdom of God in education, to influence the development of the Nepali education service. We work with partner schools across Nepal though our EQUIP training programme to develop the skills of teachers and school leaders, thus improving the quality of education throughout the education system. We also work with the Nepali Ministry of Education to further develop the education service in the country.