Keswick Ministries

Keswick Ministries exists to inspire and equip Christians to love and live for Christ in His world. A large part of this centres on the next generation, both in building young people up in their faith and in helping to train up a new generation of leaders. This is all done within the context of a heart for serving the local church.

Keswick Convention

Each summer over 12,000 - 15,000 people attend the Keswick Convention over the three weeks, led by a team of over 300 volunteers.

The Keswick Convention is a unique Christian event. Christians from all over the UK and from around the world gather in Keswick to hear the Word of God and to sing God’s praises, to be encouraged, inspired and equipped to love and live for Christ in His world. It is free and everyone is welcome.

Keswick Fellowship

For over 140 years the work of Keswick has impacted churches worldwide, not just through individuals being changed but through Bible Conventions that originate or draw their inspiration from the Keswick Convention. Today, there is network of events that share Keswick Ministries’ priorities across the UK and in many parts of Europe, Asia, North America, Australia, Africa and the Caribbean. Keswick Ministries is committed to strengthen the network in the UK and beyond, through prayer, news and cooperative activity.

Keswick Teaching and Training

Keswick Ministries is developing a range of inspiring, equipping, Bible-centred teaching and training that focuses on ‘whole of life’ discipleship. This builds on the same concern that started the Convention, that all Christians live godly lives in the power of the Spirit in all spheres of life in God’s world. Some of the events focus on equipping. They are smaller and more intensive. Others focus on inspiring. Some are for pastors, others for those in other forms of church leadership, while others are for any Christian. All courses aim to see participants return home refreshed to serve.

Keswick Resources

Keswick Ministries produces a range of books and booklets and digital resources to inspire and equip Christians to live for Christ. The printed resources focus on the core foundations of Christian life and mission and help Christians in their walk with Christ. The digital resources make teaching and sung worship from the Keswick Convention available in a variety of ways.