London Reclaimed

London Reclaimed helps young people in South London step up into employment through a mixture of mentoring, training, and paid work. We focus on young people who may find it particularly hard to get and retain a job. For some that may be because of a criminal record, mental health challenges, housing issues or complex mix of all of these and more.

We run two charity owned business which are our main training hubs for young people: Goldfinch Furniture and Lumberjack Café.

At Goldfinch Furniture, based in Bermondsey, we make high-quality, ethical furniture for homes and businesses. We train young people in the basics of furniture making and design, giving them paid employment as workshop assistants.

At Lumberjack café, based in Camberwell, we serve beautiful food and drink and run an artisanal deli. We train young people in café and barista skills and are currently looking to develop a training kitchen on site to build an additional opportunity for engaging young people.