Congleton Pentecostal Church

Independent Pentecostal Church

Congleton Pentecostal Church was founded in 1959.  Initially it was a small group of believers who met in each other’s homes and then a hired hall, until a Church building was constructed in Nursery Lane in 1968.  At that time the Church was known as Carmel Pentecostal Church.  In 1980 the Church took over the former Unitarian Chapel in Cross Street and that is where we still meet.

Congleton Pentecostal Church is an independent Pentecostal Church which is locally governed by a Church Council, who are in turn accountable to the Church members. 
Our official name is Congleton Pentecostal
Church but we are known locally as “Cross Street Church”.

Cross Street Church is a family Church which aims to communicate the Christian Gospel in a way which is contemporary and relevant to all ages. When we meet together, we enjoy good Bible teaching, warm fellowship and lively worship.