GodFirst Church is based in Christchurch, Dorset. GodFirst Church was planted around 30+

years ago, starting as a small group of courageous believers spurred on by the expectation

that there was so much more to press for. They took a stand, risked everything but were

convinced that God was with them and utterly convinced that where they were going would

be worth being all in.

Through that growing band of pioneering men and women the Kingdom of God did advance

resulting in salvations, church plants, justice, joy, healing freedom, hope and so much more

flowing to the surrounding area and into the nations.

GodFirst Church is now a congregation of around 300 men, women, and children. Today we

can stand on their shoulders with a thankful heart and once again we can hear the voice of

God telling us that there is so much more. Moving forwards requires new thinking and new

activity. There are no well-worn paths where we are going.

In April 2018 we purchased a 24000sqft building on Airfield Road Christchurch and

embarked on a project to provide a launchpad for the next 30 years and beyond as we

continue with the vision, and journey with God.