St Andrew's Charminster

As a church, our vision is ‘Good News for Charminster’. We unashamedly believe that God has got good things for all who live in this part of Bournemouth, and as followers of Jesus our role is to join in with what he is already doing.

Our vision is broken down into three key areas; Know Good News, Be Good News, Share Good News.

Good News for Charminster… and beyond!

We recognise that whilst many in our church live locally, day to day life takes us to all kinds of different people and places and we want to be faithful and fruitful wherever we are. Central to who we are as a church, is the conviction that we want to know, be and share good news in the places that we find ourselves - whether that’s at work, amongst friends and family, down by the beach or out and about in Bournemouth, we want to follow God wherever he leads.