FAQs (Print)

Frequently asked questions to optimise advertising your vacancies on Premier JobSearch.

I want to plan my recruitment over the next few months. What are the copy deadlines for the magazines?

As part of the print package your vacancy will go into the next print publication when the job listing has been paid for and is live on premier jobsearch according to the copy deadlines in the table below. If you would like to run the print advert in a specific month publication please call 020 7316 1486 or email jobsearch@premier.org.uk to speak to one of our team. 


Final Copy Deadline

Print Publication Date

December 23 

9 November

20 November 

January 24

14 December

28 December

February 24

18 January

29 January

March 24

16 February

28 February

April 24

14 March

26 March

May 24

11 April

23 April

June 24

9 May

21 May

July 24

14 June

26 June

August 24

15 July

25 July

September 24

12 Aug

22 August

October 24

12  September

24 September

November 24



December 24



January 25



February 25




Job of the Week looks like a great package but how does it work?

Once you have selected the date you want the campaign to begin, made the payment and submitted the text and logos for your vacancy, our production team will draft a script for the on air advert based on the text you have submitted. Make sure you include important information such as Job title, location, salary, key skills and experience and a sentence or two about the type of person you're looking for.

This will be recorded by a professional voiceover artist and emailed to you beforehand. We will also send you an airtime schedule so you know exactly when your ad will be broadcast. Job of the Week follows a set template and the script is only ever based on the words that you submit. Therefore we do not normally revise, edit or re-record these ads once they have been produced unless there is a production error such as pronouncing a name or location incorrectly.

When is the best time to advertise a vacancy?

Ultimately, you need to recruit when you need to recruit. You should not delay or rush the recruitment process because of seasonal trends. That said, here are some patterns we have observed:

The lead up to summer is always very busy with schools looking for teachers to start in September. Churches and charities looking for youth workers also tend to do a lot of recruitment during summer as do outdoor activity centres. Job of the Week spots always sells out quickly but even more so around Christmas and Easter because more people listen to Premier Christian Radio during religious festivals.

January is always the busiest time for recruitment across all our platforms as that’s when people traditionally start thinking about new jobs as they plan the year ahead. The April Spring Harvest issue of Premier Christianity is the biggest print issue of the year as we always print a significant number of additional copies to give away at Spring Harvest festival. General office, fundraising, management and executive roles are less seasonal so they happen throughout the year, as do health and social care roles.

The good news is you can book your recruitment campaigns well in advance on any of our platforms. If you know you need maternity cover in February; you don’t have to wait until February you can book it months in advance so you don’t miss out.