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Can I really change careers at my age? (part two)

Can I really change careers at my age? (part two)

A common reason for not pursuing a new career in later life is a concern over finances, although many choose to pursue a new direction at this stage because their financial responsibilities have diminished. Where there’s a will there’s a way, especially if it’s God’s will.

Why not explore whether there’s a part-time route to getting a new direction going, running it alongside an existing employment. Perhaps your current employer would like to keep you on part-time rather than lose you overnight? I’ve worked with many who have achieved this and maintained it for some time.

Look at what financial benefits might be available to you; these have been put in place to help you. Don’t feel bad about claiming what is due to you, and which you have contributed towards through tax. Check out sites such as and, if you’re a little older,, which give detailed advice and encouragement.

If you are starting a new business venture, recording your first album or writing a book, look at ‘crowdfunding’ as an option: getting friends, interested parties and others to invest small amounts to make up the initial capital you need. You’ll need to do some homework to be effective. There’s no substitute for hard work if you want to make a crowdfunding campaign successful.

Get lots of advice, but realise that you don’t have to take it. You are accountable for your life, no one else is. However, do involve Christian friends and leaders who may have great wisdom to impart through the Holy Spirit.

Lay your plans before God regularly, and be prepared and humble enough to accept that you may have got something wrong somewhere along the way. Take the pressure off yourself. Let others help carry the burden of finding your way. You (and they) will be blessed through the process.

Finally, don’t be surprised if you discover happiness in less: less responsibility, less time at work, less money, less stress, less ambition. It often takes away burdens you were never meant to carry and opens up a door to pursuing the things you were.

Life was meant to be challenging. Go and enjoy the journey!